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jewelry is like a biography, a story that tells the many chapters of our life



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About Muskoka Gems

who are we?

Spending our summers in Muskoka provided us with the opportunity to play in the great Canadian shield.  We would spend endless days of fun searching for the best rocks to add to our collection. One year, on my birthday, my parents gave me a rock tumbler and my sister and I went wild! We ordered different and exotic rocks from all over the world, like jasper and rose quartz to tumble and make beautiful. Soon, we began to use wire to wrap these stones and make jewelry. At first it was just my sister and I who wore the jewelry, but soon others began to notice and inquire. That's when the fun really began! From hosting jewelry making birthday parties to creating custom statement pieces and earthy casual ware,  friends, family and strangers began asking, "can I order a Muskoka Gem?"  My answer was always, yes!  It is my pleasure to design and create Muskoka Gems for you!


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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Custom designs available upon request.

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You can purchase through e-transfer or Paypal. Shipping is included. If you would like express shipping please notify me through email.